All of our active and upcoming games will be built on blockchain tutorials. Stay tuned to learn about release dates and developments for our games that will allow you to earn while learning.


NFT Cards that are valid in all active and upcoming Demy Games. You can use these NFT cards to gain an in-game advantage, as well as trade them in digital NFT markets.


You can participate in competitions by staking Demy Token, and you are entitled to a share of the prize pool according to your level.

At the same time, you will continue to earn daily interest for the duration of your stake. You can access all your data via the user panel.


Staking Requirement: 10.000
Right to participate in Games: YES
Special Activities: NO
Prize Pool Weight: 1


Staking Requirement: 50.000
Right to participate in Games: YES
Special Activities: YES
Prize Pool Weight: 6


Staking Requirement: 100.000
Right to participate in Games: YES
Special Activities: YES
Prize Pool Weight: 13

Token Distribution

You can find the details of Demy Games’ token distribution in our chart. For details on the numbers, please see the Whitepaper.


2022 Q1
  • Website Creation
  • Demo Game Stream (Questions Game)
  • Demy Token Smart Contract Create
  • NFT Game Cards Smart Contract Create
  • Partnership Talks
  • Seed Investment Round
  • Game Developments
2022 Q2
  • Pre-sale Date Determination
  • Advertising And Collaborations
  • Community Surveys
  • Pre-sale Whitelist
  • Pre Sale
  • Pre sale Token Distributions
  • Pancakeswap List
  • Full Version Game Release (Questions Game)
  • NFT Airdrop Award Distributions
  • Live Game Events & Award Distributions
  • Negotiations For Listing On Other Exchanges
2022 Q3
  • Game Development
  • Community pools
  • Demo (Word Hunt Meta)
  • Introduction to Metaverse universe
  • More negotiations for listing on other exchanges
  • Full version game release (Word Hunt Meta)
2022 Q4
  • More language support in games
  • Feedback and community pools
  • Live stream with influencers
  • Corporate collaborations
  • The future is with us…

Our most common questions


Demy Games is a decentralized community that creates blockchain games with the goal of assisting people interested in the blockchain world to become more conscious individuals while also earning money.

Demy Token is a payment system created to finance the prize pool, which is one of the cornerstones of the system. It was created with BEP-20 BSC infrastructure, and its games and stake pools are financed by Demy Token. It will also be listed on the Pancake Swap and non-DEX exchanges and will act as a tradable classic token. Please see Whitepaper for details.

Anyone can participate in Demy Games. All you need is a wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain network (MetaMask or Trust Wallet) and to join any of our tier levels.

Our currently active game is about questions and answers. Our questions are prepared and uploaded to the system daily. Competitors who correctly answer all questions during the event time are entitled to win a prize from the daily prize pool. Competition time, question category and prize amount will be shared daily on our social media accounts.

Exactly, yes. We will continue game production right after our second game, which we will release in the near future and is currently in the preparation stage.

Unlike classic "play and win" games, our entire system is built on blockchain. The games and payment systems we have produced are fully traded on the blockchain (Bep-20 BSC) network. That's why your privacy and security are very important to us. We don't ask for any KYC or personal information now or forever...

Users with NFT cards gain some advantages during the game based on the characteristics of the cards. These features are explained in detail on the explanation pages of the cards. These cards, which are valid in all active and future Demy games, also feature ERC721. Some of these can be viewed, traded, sold, and kept for collectible value. All cards have a certain minting limit. These limits are clearly stated on the detail page of the cards.